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Managing Your ‘Grad School’ Emotions

By Dr. Dora Kingsley Vertenten, Professor (Teaching) For those of us in a traditionally online program, multitasking is nothing new.  This week is a small break between summer school and the launch of a new fall semester and all of the anticipation and excitement which comes from looking forward to meeting dozens of new students. Faculty […]

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Public Service in Chaotic Times: Finding the Motivation

By Dr. Tara Blanc, Associate Professor (Teaching) Why do people choose a career in public service? This question seems particularly relevant today as we grapple with the current pandemic, protests, and political turmoil. The answer may lie in one’s predisposition to help others and make a difference. A recent piece in the PA Times asked […]

Leadership and Management MPA Online

Managing Stress in Uncertain Times: From Short-term Coping to Longer-term Resilience

By Dr. Kelly Campbell Rawlings, Associate Professor (Teaching) When COVID-19 first appeared on our radars and began showing up in our communities, we braced for impact. States were locked down and everyone scrambled to respond to emergency conditions. Schools went online, employees worked from home, and we hunkered down for what we thought might be […]

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Professor Shui Yan Tang Featured in The National Interest

Professor Shui-Yan Tang authored a commentary article in The National Interest alongside Professor Brian An from The School of Public Policy at Georgia Tech comparing the governance systems of China and the United States and how their systems have shaped their emergency responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. The article highlights how the current pandemic exposes […]

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Managing an Online Classroom in Times of Emotional Crises

By Dr. Matthew Wheeler, Adjunct Associate Professor All of our eyes are wide open, but what happens when the eyes are on you as the professor as students seek productive and safe places to share their emotions?  As a professor of online learning for nearly a decade, it has taken time to realize that our […]